signing a variable list of packages

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With older versions of rpmbuild, I've always used '--sign' with rpmbuild,
to sign the packages immediately after they're generated.  This has
the great advantage that rpmbuild knows all the paths to the list of
packages it generates, so it has the information it needs to sign them

With rpmbuild from RHEL 9, that's no longer possible.  It appears to be
necessary to run 'rpmsign' as a separate step.

My question is whether there's a programmatic way to determine all of
the packages that would be generated from a single run of rpmbuild with
a particular set of --define, --with-<whatever>, --without-<whatever>,

I generally use a wrapper script when building RPMs, and now that
generating the packages and signing them are separate steps, I need a way
to know what packages would be generated via an rpmbuild run so that I
can be certain to sign them all immediately afterward.


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