RPM 4.17.0 released!

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In what has almost started to resemble a predictable annual release schedule (and we didn't slip nearly as much as last year!), here comes RPM 4.17.0. It's not quite what we initially planned, but when ever anything is? There's quite a bit good stuff in there anyhow:

Highlights include:
* More robust install failure handling
* Many macro improvements, in particular wrt Lua integration
* Some long-needed transaction API improvements
* New buildroot policy to remove `.la` files by default
* New dbus-announce plugin added
* Many miscellaneous bugs, leaks and regressions fixed
* Man pages converted to Markdown for easier maintenance + many other
  doc improvements
* Beginnings of a reference manual:
* Debuginfo extraction split to external project:
* Python helpers split to external project:
* Various unmaintained scripts removed

Thanks to the brave who followed us through the pre-release cycle, rc1 was good enough that we have precisely zero code changes to final. Which is how it should be.

As usual, download info & further details at


On behalf of the rpm-team,

    - Panu -

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