Question: how to get information from pgpDig?

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Hi all,
I want to get information from rpmPubkey such as
creation/expiry time, algorithm and other from pgpSubType.

There are functions to get pgpDigParams and pgpDig but I don't
understand how to read data from them

auto vv = headerGetAsString(h, RPMTAG_DESCRIPTION);
uint8_t *pkt = NULL;
size_t pktlen = 0;
if (pgpParsePkts(vv, &pkt, &pktlen) == PGPARMOR_PUBKEY) {
rpmPubkey pubkey = rpmPubkeyNew(pkt, pktlen);
pgpDigParams digParams = rpmPubkeyPgpDigParams(pubkey);
    pgpDig dig = rpmPubkeyDig(pubkey);

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