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In regard to: Centos7 rpm problem, 张志明 said (at 10:18am on Jan 5, 2018):

centos6, I have a project which include an .so library, the library is
compiled by myself. Compile the project and make a rpm file,
successfully. Install it successfully.  But when I do this in centos7,
compile successfully, but when I install the rpm file,
error: Failed dependencies: is needed by myproject

After you've generated the RPM package on both CentOS 6 and CentOS 7,
do this:

# on the centos 6 system:

	rpm -q --provides -p /path/to/your/centos6/rpm
	rpm -q --requires -p /path/to/your/centos6/rpm

# on the centos 7 system:

	rpm -q --provides -p /path/to/your/centos7/rpm
	rpm -q --requires -p /path/to/your/centos7/rpm

Reply to this mailing list with the output from those commands, so we can
see what your two different packages require and provide.

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