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In regard to: rpmbuild - how to not print commands in spec file , Tech...:

   Sorry if this is an obvious question, but I've gone through the rpm
documentation (all 400 pages of it) and I'm not finding the solution. When I
run rpmbuild with the spec file, every command is printed out with all of
the expanded arguments. The docs say that there's a way to turn that off.
What I would like to do is only print out what I tell it to print out and
not print all of the commands. Any insight at all would be greatly

I haven't followed how recent Fedora & Red Hat's rpm 4.x has diverged
(advanced?) from the documentation, so there may be a global macro that
you can set that will disable the "set -x" that gets added in each
section, but the "old way" to do it would be to put

set +x

at the top of each section (right after %prep, right after %build,
right after %install) etc.

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