Re: support for manual file dependencies ?

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On 06/20/2017 12:07 PM, Jason Vas Dias wrote:
Good day Orion - thanks for your response!
RE: > File deps work just fine
No, they don't!
I did mention both %{includedir}/stdio.h and
%{_includedir}/stdio.h, and even /usr/include/stdio
and just 'stdio.h'  in my mail - apologies for the spelling
typos - I did try them all.

But none of these strings will cause RPM to recognize such
a dependency as being satisfied if there is no RPM in the
RPM database that Provides that file , regardless of whether
it exists in the filesystem or not .

I analysed the code in the RPM source :
     build/spec.c   :  rpmSpecCheckDeps()
     lib/depends.c :  rpmtsCheck()

All that code does is search the existing RPM database ;
if no RPM is recorded as Provide-ing a file in the database,
it returns false - it does not do any check for the existence
of a file in the file system.

There appears to be no way to get RPM to check for the existence
of an arbitrary file in the file system .

Um, what isn't packaged cannot be depended on. That is a pretty fundamental feature of package management.
	- Panu -
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