How does --rebuilddb work when the db is completely unreadable?

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I'm troubleshooting a problem with rpm 4.11.3.  I'd like to know a bit more about what --rebuilddb actually does.  From the source (, it looks like it just checks each entry in the package database to make sure it has certain fields.

From its behavior though, I suspect it is doing more.  For example, I can run rpm --dbpath <old_rpm_db> --rebuilddb on a db-created by rpm 4.8, which is a db4 format and completely unreadable to rpm 4.11.  Somehow, in this situation, rpm 4.11 will produce a new (but inaccurate) db.  

If anyone can give me any insight about how rpm rebuilds its database, or point me to relevant portions of the source, I would appreciate it.  


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