Re: Any way to remove an installed package from the RPM database?

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On 03/14/2016 07:26 PM, Stuart Gathman wrote:
> On 03/14/2016 08:45 PM, Jon Danniken wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> I have a package which I modified from the src.rpm and installed via RPM.
>> Unfortunately, when I attempt to update my Fedora system (using dnf), it
>> offers to update my modified version of the application which brings in
>> several packages which conflict on my system.
>> Is there any way to remove my modified application from the RPM database
>> without uninstalling it?  Conversely, is there any way to install an RPM
>> package without having it being added to the database?
> Use  exclude= in your dnf.conf to prevent updating that package. Works
> for yum also.

Thanks Stuart, much appreciated.

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