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On 03/02/2016 12:57 AM, Michael Cronenworth wrote:

I'm using IBM's compiled version of RPM on AIX 7 and am
attempting to package a ~30GB set of files (uncompressed).

When rpmbuild gets to the "Processing files:" stage it craps out with
the following type of message:

Processing files: foo-1.0-1.ppc
warning: Recognition of file "/foo/bar/" failed: mode 100755
cannot allocate zu bytes (Invalid argument)

That is a failure inside libmagic, rpm is only the messenger here.
It should be reproducable outside rpm with:

$ file -z -e tokens <path-to-buildroot>/foo/bar/

...assuming 'file' is linked against the same libmagic version as rpm, that is.

Also what 'ls -l' says about the file might help shed some light on it. Like Jay noted there's a 4G limit on individual files, but rpm should clearly report that with a "File <path> too large for payload" message so I suspect this is something different.

Smaller packages can be built just fine. I've doubled the ulimit on
files open, memory, etc. but it fails on the same file on a rebuild.

Any ideas?

You should be able to get past it by doing 'chmod a-x %{buildroot}/foo/bar/' at end of %install section (and/or possibly adjust %files section to make it non-executable there too). The dependencies wont get recorded that way, but that can be worked around by manually adding them in the spec if need be.

	- Panu -

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