Re: Getting realocated dir in the postinstall (or other) scriptlets ?

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On 01/07/2016 06:42 PM, cdr53x@xxxxxxx wrote:

I'm working on an RPM package that deploys files to /opt and /etc. In most of the cases it works perfectly, excepted that for a given environment, where writing to /etc is prohibited  ....

So I used Relocations in order to deploy the /etc files in some other location :

    Relocations : /opt /etc

I assume you mean (the above is how rpm -qi shows it though):

Prefixes: /opt /etc

By specifying --relocate option I can deploy the /etc files into another location :

    rpm -ivh --relocate /etc=/my/path/to/etc mypackage.rpm

Now the issue is that in the postinstall script, there are some hard coded references to /etc that obviously don't get replaced when the package is deployed :

    echo `hostname --fqdn` > /etc/myapp/host.conf
    ( this is just an example )

I hope that there is a way (keyword, ... ) to use instead of hard coded paths in order to perform the substitutions during rpm execution.

The prefixes are passed to scriptlets via $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX<n> environment variables, <n> is the index of supported prefixes starting from zero. So in the above,


So the scriptlet example becomes:

    echo `hostname --fqdn` > $RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX1/myapp/host.conf

	- Panu -

If you have any information on this I'd really appreciate some help.

Thanks per advance
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