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Hello everybody...

Don't know if this list is still alive -- it's been long since I took part
in RPM development, way before Fedora days...

I do hope it is still alive so I will try to ask a question that I had for
many years and was evene going to embark on development myself.

Is it already possible to generate binary subpackages with different
BuildArch'es from a single source package? The reason for such a question is
I'm building a lot of cross-tools and it is quite a pain to make those
properly with proper arch.

Let's say I'm building an ARM cross-toolchain on an x86_64 machine. That
build produces both _HOST_ binaries (e.g. GCC) and _TARGET_ ones (e.g.
glibc) in the process. The question is how am I going to pack those in
separate binary packages with different architectures?

Is anything being done to address cross-development with RPM? There are many
other shortcomings in this respect -- e.g. all those %ifarch macros that
could've been extended to differentiate between _HOST_ and _TARGET_
architectures (full Canadian cross would've been even better :)) and so on.

Any information would be highly appreciated...

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