Re: Dependency generator hooks and extending default requires/provides

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Title: Konsole output

On 02.07.2015 09:00, Thierry Vignaud wrote:
Just tell in mpo.attr what files are of interest for you and write a
script that compute the additional deps that are missing by rpmdeps
with default attr files
You've to write a script that will actually output the
"" requires/provides you want.
You must _NOT_ call rpmdeps.
Rpmdeps is just the high level program that collects the deps computed
by the various *.prov/*.req scripts according to *.attr rules.

So according to your links,
mpi.prov should do sg like

"if the path of the library starts with $MPI_LIB, append the
(openmpi) resp (mpich) to the provides string"

mpi.req should do sg like:
"if the path of the scanned object starts with $MPI_LIB and the
required library exists in $MPI_LIB, add (openmpi) resp (mpich) to the
requires string"
Ok, by simply calling elfdeps (whose existence I hadn't noticed previously) I solved the endless loop issue and the scripts [1] now behave as desired.

You'll still got the generic "" provides but as
you'll provides & requires additional tags.
This is the last hurdle I'm facing: an elf binary in an $MPI_HOME subfolder will now trigger both the elf as well as the mpi dependency generator, resulting in i.e. both

being generated for /usr/lib64/openmpi/lib/ For the problem I'm trying to solve [*], my goal is to only have The only solution which comes to mind is adding

%__elf_exclude_path     ^%{_prefix}/lib(64)/(openmpi|mpich)/.*$

to elf.attr. This is somewhat hacky, but is there a cleaner approach?

Sandro  Konsole output
[1] [*] Namely that if both libfoo and libfoo-openmpi provide, DNF can end up installing libfoo-openmpi for a non-mpi package bar which has a requires on libfoo (whereas YUM used to pick the providing package with the shorter name - the change in behavior in DNF is the reason this is suddenly a "problem").
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