meaning of 'Provides: X' '>' or '>=' %evr ?

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Greetings list - this is my first post.
Please could anyone enlighten me as to the precise meaning of :
   'Provides:  X > %evr'
   'Provides:   X >= %evr'
in a .spec file , where %evr is some [epoch:]version[-release] version
specification of X ?
I know what
  'Provides: X = %evr'
means, but I can't understand what the use of '>=' or '>' is for a Provide -
does it mean that no other package may ever provide a version of X greater
than %evr if the package providing the 'Provides: X >= %evr' is installed ?
I've searched the documentation in Maximum RPM and at the Fedora RPM Guide,
but there doesn't seem to be any on this issue .
Thanks in advance,
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