Re: How would I specify in the spec file where to install the RPM to?

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Em 25-03-2014 19:01, Kyle Crumpton (kcrumpto) escreveu:
Hi all. I am very new to RPM building and chose Cassandra as the service
for my first rpm. I'm just curious about one thing. How  would I specify
in the .spec file to install the rpm to /opt instead of /BUILD which
seems to be the default/where Cassandra installs with my first rpm I built?

Hi Kyle

'%_prefix' is the macro that says where in the filesystem your package will be installed. It is the initial directory of your package, and it must an absolute path.

'%buildroot' is the macro that says where, inside '%_topdir', the directory structure of your package will be created.
( thinking about %buildroot as a kind of chroot may help )

I'm guessing that you are confused about these two concepts. Am I right ?
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