Handling name change of RPM

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Hi Folks,

I need to change the name of my RPM and it should override the RPM with old name. However I am running into file conflict.

Old name - old-fw-1.0.0.noarch.rpm
New name - new-fw-2.0.0.noarch.rpm

Now when I try to install the new RPM with older RPM already installed, I see a file conflict and installation fails. (tried # rpm -Uvh & -ivh)

What I have tried so far in the SPEC file is,

Obsolete: old-rpm
Conflicts: old-rpm
Provides: old-rpm

However the behavior was unchanged. Is there any way I can manage this thru the SPEC file?

Please note: I don't want to ask users to use any other option like --force or --replace-files. For them the change should be seamless.

Thank you in anticipation, any help is appreciated.


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