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On 05/22/2013 01:38 AM, Fabricio Cannini wrote:
Hi there

I'm trying to define a directory structure that allow for many varieties
of the same software to be installed . The differences would consist of :

- Software version
- Compiler vendor
- Compiler version

These packages are for centos 5 and 6, basically .

The directory structure I'm thinking of is like this :


     /{ softwares,libraries,compilers }


Also, i'm thinking of embedding compiler vendor and version on the
'release' field of the rpm .

The questions are :

- Is the directory structure too complex ? Can it be simpler while
allowing multiple variations of the same software ( version ) to be
installed side-by-side ?

- Am I abusing the 'release' field ?

- On the current roadmap of rpm ( the software ) development, is my plan
( a little, at least ) future-proof ?

For parallel-installable packages 'release' is the wrong place to differentiate them, put the differences into the package names instead:

	- Panu -

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