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IT looks like I have ran into a half loaded version of Redhat Linux 6.2
and need some help. Red Hat Linux 6.2 We are running a Siemens type of
software used for control systems in productions at the company I work
for. I am trying to get away from the PCS units we use now, there is no
way to update the version of Linux due to the product. I want to get
this running on A Dell PC (Optiplex GX260) and this is the only problem
I have, no sound for the operators to get their alarms. I found where it
says that OSS is turned off on boot, not sure how to turn it back on.
I'm new to Linux but am a programmer of other software so I can hack
around but need a little guidance. Any suggestions on how to get this
sound back on. I found the following if it helps:
kernel ver 2.2.17-1.0
1.	Running a limited edition of Redhat Linux 6.2
2.	Redhat 6.2 Baseline with custom 2.2.17 OSx Kernel. (OSx 4.1.1)
*	NO: USB Support Included.

1.	OSx Alarm Driver is part of OSx Release. You cannot rebuild
beep.o yourself.
2.	Softnet modules is part of OSx Release.
3.	Streams Package is part of OSx Release   -  LiS-2.8 only needs
to be changed if kernel version changes.

*	Ispci - results

*	00:1F.5 Multimedia Audio Controller: Intel Corporation: Inknown
Device 24c5 (Rev 01)
*	01:07.0 Multimedia Audio Controller: Creative Labs: Unknown
Device 0007
It's been a long time since I saw 6.2 so I don' know what has changed and what is still
the same (relative to current RH/core distros).

If you you have a Graphical setup, look under start button-->system settings and see if there is soundcard detection. Or, start-->system. (If I remember, 6.2 had a start-->settings
with relative apps listed in there. Or maybe even a start-->Control Panel

No Graphical desktop, then I'm lost.

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