Re: Re: new soundcard plays fast (Realtek)

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Brian Schmidt (bts@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) said: 
> > Which software are you using to play, and through which output
> > plugin (OSS, esound, arts)
> I've discovered this seems to be isolated to Rhymthbox.  I've never used
> Rhythmbox before Fedora and couldn't figure out which plugin it's using.
> If you could point me to that as well, that'd be great - I didn't see it
> in the menus (but I have been known to miss the forest for the trees).
> However, I then opened XMMS and played the files.  I tried using its
> default eSound and OSS and both of those actually play the music normally.
> So I'm guessing it's either Rhythmbox or whatever the plugin Rhythmbox is
> using?

Probably a gstreamer bug in that case.


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