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On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, Bill Nottingham wrote:

> Brian Schmidt (bts@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) said:
> > I'm using Fedora Core 1.  I upgraded my motherboard (now a Gigabyte
> > GA-7N400 Pro2), which has onboard sound, with a different chip than the
> > previous one.  With the previous one, I had no problems with the sound.
> > MP3s played fine, etc.  With this new motherboard, my MP3s play fast.
> A little fast, or very fast?

A little fast.  It's not quite Alvin & the Chipmunks fast.  If I had to
unscientifically guess, I'd say 20% faster.  It was just enough that it
sounded strange at first, but didn't really hit me until the lyrics
started in.

> Which software are you using to play, and through which output
> plugin (OSS, esound, arts)

I've discovered this seems to be isolated to Rhymthbox.  I've never used
Rhythmbox before Fedora and couldn't figure out which plugin it's using.
If you could point me to that as well, that'd be great - I didn't see it
in the menus (but I have been known to miss the forest for the trees).
However, I then opened XMMS and played the files.  I tried using its
default eSound and OSS and both of those actually play the music normally.
So I'm guessing it's either Rhythmbox or whatever the plugin Rhythmbox is

> Bill


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