xmms (Audio Media Player ) and grecord do not work !

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Hello ,

I had installed RH9 (not an upgrade, but from scratch). Now, I have a probelm with audio: I do succeed to hear sound in cat /usr/share/sndconfig/sample.au > /dev/dsp1

I do succeed to hear sound in
Sound Events
and by picking one of the sound files there

I do succeed to hear sound in
start->System->Setting->SoundCard detection
and go to play test sound.

My card is detected as Audio PCI-97 (the
driver is es1371).

The problem is , when I start audio applications
which came with the RH9 defualt installatiom
(also from the start menu ):
I mean application like xmms (Audio Media Player)
and gercord ;
when I try to play the /usr/share/sndconfig/sample.au
I don't hear a thing ; I also cannot
record with grecord ;
(As a reminder for what I said in the beginning
cat of that sample.au into /dev/dsp1 do play )

Can anybody help?


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