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Thank you for contacting faq-maintainer@xxxxxxxxxxx  Due to the volume of mail
that we recieve at this address, we are unable to answer each email that comes 
to us. We appreciate your suggestions and ideas, and your message will be read
by a real human.

If you have purchased a product from us, and need support, please activate your 
product for support at then either call or use our 
web-based support system at to get help from one 
of our techs.  If you do not have an official supported product or your problem 
is not supported, please check out the support FAQ and other documentation on our 
support site:, or you may subscribe to the redhat 
mailing list by mailing:


with the following in the subject line:


Leave the body empty.

If you have a question about what hardware is supported, please see

If you are reporting a problem with any of the documents, the FAQ Maintainer will respond
with a notification of the fix and a thank you.  (:

Once again, thanks for your input, and thanks for choosing Red Hat Linux,


The Faq Maintainer

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