Re: trouble with AC'97 sound chip not playing sounds atcorrect volume and not using bass speaker

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On Sat, 2003-08-09 at 18:45, Bob McClure Jr wrote:

> Could it be the speakers?  My wife bought a $50 Altec-Lansing 2.1
> speaker set from Staples, and less than a month later, the bass
> speaker developed hum and no output.  I could wiggle the cable from
> the bass to the main, near the main speaker and it came and went.  The
> problem was not at the connector end.  I took it back to Staples and
> exchanged it for a similar set from Creative.  Same price, more power.
> And hopefully it will last longer.
> Cheers,

no, it isn't the speakers (at least in my case), it's definately the
chip on the motherboard. it's not specifically the AC'97 either-- I
believe it relates more to the i810_audio chipset.

at any rate, I have installed a Sound Blaster Live! Value card into my
workstation, and disabled the i810 in the bios, and my sound works
perfectly now. :)

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