VIA82C686A / Athlon / RedHat 9

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This is my first message in this list.
Well...go to the problem...

I use a Athlon with Asus K7M with a Via Chipset with a onboard sound AC'97 
(VIA82C686A), with RedHat 9.

Ok, the sndconfig woks ok, it's play de sample sound but all the time wich the 
sound is up, I hear a small siren in background. All sounds be played, MIDI, 
musics, etc., but... allways with this siren in background.

I will be crazy with this problem. This impossible for me works without music, 
and if I turn ON....all works, but with the siren in background 8-P.

If help: I have this problem since RH6...I writing now because kick the 
Windows from here since April/2003

More one thing: if anybody send me the via82cxxx_audio.c file I will 
thankfull. I deleted it without want. Sorry Allan...

And....sorry for my english!!!

Adriano R G Laranjeira
São Bernardo do Campo - SP - Brasil
(5511) 9965-3580

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