Esd problems on thin clients

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Hi everybody

I'm trying to set up a thin client based system which uses Red Hat 8.0 and K2 
ltsp. Everything works fine, except the sound.
		The sound system esd running on the clients to play the sound that comes 
from applications running in the server. The problem is when I try to play 
something in the client I use the Xmms (running in the server), the sound 
playing begins and than the Xmms crashes. I've tried to use esdctl from the 
workstation and it could communicate with  the thin client esd, but it has 
frozen again when I've used esdplay
	Does anybody have some suggestion ?
	I know it sounds like a thin client issue, but in the k12Os mailing list 
nobody was able to give me some help. Then they told me to try the sound 
mailing lists.

Thank you in advance

Leonardo Gonçalves de Ulhôa Jr.

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