[Sound] Audigy 2 issues and alsa freezing.

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I installed the alsa stuff from cvs and was able to get sound from the audigy 2, but only from the rear and sub woofer ports, and also from the digital port, but not from the 3rd analog port on the back (left and right front).  Is there a setting to make alsa work for a 2 speaker system?

As for getting sound, it seems ok except for the following:
1.  lots of pops and scratchy sounds when the sound changes.
2.  the sound stops completely after a few seconds.

btw: what i am doing is using ibm via voice outloud (a text to speech synth) with emacspeak (an audio interface to emacs).

also btw:  i seem to have had some slightly better luck with the emu10k1 drivers from cvs from
Rather than alsa, 

Thanks for any help.

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