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Hi everybody,

I need some help regarding configuring sound card.

I'm using RedHat Linux 7.2
I'm trying to record the voice using Sound Recorder. but while trying to do this it gives out the message " Sound device is not ready, please check is there another program, that's using sounde device". i checked no program is using it.

while doing debugging i tried to play some .au file using /dev/audio but no sound coming out.
I also try to run sndconfig, the message coming is
" a PCI sound card is detected
Model: C-Media Electronics, INC|CM8738"

then it tries to play some sound on it to make sure it's configured correctly, and this time this application hangs, no sound comes out.

I checked using lsmod, and found correct module is loaded. I don't know how to make it work now. I tried many things but nothing is working out.

I just hope someone of you can guide me properly. I will appreciate any suggestions from yourside. Thanks in advance


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