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Hello group,

Just for the record, I was able to configure the sound on my Toshiba Tecra 8000 by following some old directions left online for RedHat 7.1. I'm only posting it because when I was trying to find this information, it wasn't posted in an obvious form elsewhere. I tried other posted techniques, but only this one worked for me.

Here's the re-print:

run /usr/sbin/sndconfig as root

Choose "Sound Blaster Pro" from the list. Make sure I/O = port 0x220, IRQ = 5, DMA = 0. (If that doesn't work you could try looking in the BIOS to see what it thinks the values should be -- press ESC (followed by F1 when prompted at boot).

Make sure the entry in /etc/modules.conf looks something like:

alias sound-slot-0 sb

post-install sound-slot-0 /bin/aumix-minimal -f /etc/.aumixrc -L >/dev/null 2>&1 || :

pre-remove sound-slot-0 /bin/aumix-minimal -f /etc/.aumixrc -S >/dev/null 2>&1 || :

options sound dmabuf=1
alias synth0 opl3
options opl3 io=0x388
options sb io=0x220 irq=5 dma=0

[back to me speaking...]

Also note that sndconfig isn't installed on Redhat 8.0 by default. To install it, you'll need Redhat install disk 3. On that disk, run the RPM at /mnt/cdrom/RedHat/RPMS/sndconfig-0.69-1.i386.prm. sndconfig will be installed in /sbin


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