[Sound] Textual Interface Problem with rh8.

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Does anyone know about this or can help.

There is a problem with my applications that have a textual based user interface (using text-art in the console environment, not graphics in the x).  e.g. cdp, the kernel modules screens etc.

for some reason, the text art seems to not line up properly, and controls seem to have wrong alignment on the screen.  In particular, running cdp from bash gives a confusing blue screen and quitting seems not to be possible.  on killing cdp from another tty, I go back to see that newlines are not being put in for each prompt as you press enter.  the fix for this requires logging out from that tty and logging back in.  i.e. very messy text output...

I have installed rh8.0 from the cds.  the problem occurred... then applied all the updates from the i386 dir from updates.redhat.com... except the kernel ones.  i upgraded the kernel separately to 2.4.20.  the problem persists.
my installation has all the packages installed as well as all languages... choosing Australian english as the default.

i have an intel P4 2.4Ghz 533MHz bus  with the intel 845PE chipset on a gigabyte main board with 512 Mb of DDR 333Mhz ram. and nvidia geforce 4 64mb graphics card.  I am using an older monitor at this time, but x seems to work ok with it.  I have speakup in the kernel as well.  

The same problems seem to be occurring for a friend's rh8 installation on a toshiba laptop.  the os works fine in every other respect as far as i can tell.  I did have rh7.2 on a toshiba laptop a while ago without these screen problems.  the laptop with rh8 only has english installed, and not all packages.

further to this, i am wondering if rh8 maintains a lot of the text based interfaced apps rather than dumping them in favour of the x gui interfaces.  e.g. in rehat 7x there seemed to be a lot of apps with a X Gui option and a console text-ui option.  e.g. there were some packages like redhat-config-* that used to have a text based interface but i cannot find them in rh8.


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