[Sound] ess1869 audio - how to add sb to modules.conf

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Hi -

Earlier this week I got my ESS1869 running manually by running a modprobe
sb. I'm trying to get it running automatically as a loadable kernel module
by adding a line to modules.conf.

Everything I've tried has failed to load sb: "install sb", "modprobe sb",

Something else I don't understand is whether "alias xxxxxx yy" (in this case
(alias sound-card-slot0 sb) actually loads any drivers. The man pages don't
say so, bu of the dozen or so Internet pages I found, many mentioned that
the alias loads drivers". My modules.conf already has an alias
sound-card-slot0 sb but lsmod shows there is no sb running and that explains
why a modprobe sb makes things work.

My homework on the Internet didn't help. Who understands what to do here?



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