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I wonder if RedHat8.0 got confused during the laptop install and didn't stick with the same driver?

I just hoped on the Dell Support website and it only has a driver for the ESS Maestro 3i (Audio Only) device.  That's what I have inside then!

I wonder how my /etc/modules.conf should look then?

I'm also somewhat new to the linux environment (been a hard-core Windows person since 3.1 came out), so any suggestions on various config files or logs to check would be much appreciated.

Any ideas?  I'm really getting desperate for sound in my RedHat environment. :)



Bill Nottingham <notting@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Spdrmatt1@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Spdrmatt1@xxxxxxxxxxxx) said: 
>> Hi! ?I'm new to the list and need some helping getting my RH8.0 working
>> with sound.
>> Running a Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop. ?Have the build in ESS Solo-1
>> ES1938S Maestro-3i card that came with it (I think that's the right
>> version of ESS Maestro).
>ESS Solo-1 and ESS Maestro 3 are different chipsets, and require
>different drivers. I'd guess you substituted one driver for the other.
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