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I am a linux newbie. I have installed redhat 8.0 . I have a dual boot win./98.

My sound works fine with win/98.

I have no sound with linux.

sndconfig > responds / command not found /must be run in run level 3

How do I get to run level 3?

redhat-config-soundcard>can't open output file /dev/dsp:no such device

/dev/mixer >permission denied

How do I remove permission? I know how to change rwx

Also:  hwbrowser> will not open the hardware list to browser. (dev.list.py 1253)

GnomeCanvas-Critical**file gnome-canvas-path-def.c:line 1142 (gnome-canvas-path-deff-any-closed): assertion path !=null  failled.

I sure could use some help

thank you.



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