Re: [Sound] Re: "Fix" for alsa make error

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Just as a note (since rc4 fixed the problem), rc3 did work simply by removing isapnp.h (on 7.3, that is; I didn't try it on 8.0, since rc4 was released before I "had" to).

Thanks for your help,


Bill Nottingham wrote:

Steven Rubenstein (SJR@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) said:

Someone on the alsa-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx list pointed me to a "fix"
for the alsa make problem, at

I could try it, but I'm no C programmer, so I'll wait for the sequel...

The first fix for alsa (removing its own isapnp.h include) definitely may be needed. The second fix mentioned should only be relevant if you need USB audio support, but, having not looked too closely at the alsa build process, I'm not sure if you can configure it without the USB support.


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