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On Thu, 2002-11-14 at 16:47, D. J. Draper wrote:


I?m a former Windows puke trying to see the light! ;) I have installed
RedHat 8.0 on a Thinkpad 380Z and a 380ED, and cannot get the sound to
work on either. I have tried the ALSA drivers, but they refuse to
install due to some sort of script errors. I have seen several
references to using sndconfig, but I can?t find that utility. I have
seen several suggestions for using modprobe with either sb or cs4232,
but it always complains that the device does not exist.

Here?s the hardware specs:



I?m using pretty much a standard workstation install of RedHat 8.0 with
the Gnome desktop, if that has any bearing.

I?m afraid I must be missing something and feel as though I?m at a loss.
Would anyone be willing to walk me through step by step how to set this

The 380Z has a neomagic sound system but set up to act as a soundblaster

Run the sound configuration and tell it

	Soundblaster 16
	I/O 0x220
	IRQ 5
	DMA 1
	DMA 5

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