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I decided to abandon getting my Maestro3 to play sounds using the ALSA stuff.  I reloaded the mastro3 module into the kernel and now can listen to CDs when inserted into the laptop CD-ROM drive.  

However, I ONLY get sound from the CD-ROM drive?!!?!  I can't get any sounds inside the desktop (like from webpages, system events, etc).

Any ideas?  We must be getting close.... since it will produce sound.

Thanks again!


Bill Nottingham wrote:
Spdrmatt1@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Spdrmatt1@xxxxxxxxxxxx) said: 
I wonder how my /etc/modules.conf should look then?

alias sound-slot-0 maestro3

(snd-card-<something> for alsa, I forget which.)

Note that this driver breaks in the errata kernel.


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