Re: [Sound] please help a newbie, red hat 8 and cs4610

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What version of gcc do you have installed? Hint: rpm -q gcc

you also might want to rpm -q krb5-libs


Tejas Gandhi wrote:

> Ok, so I tried installing GCC through the the Add/Remove packages thing, but when I try to add the development tools, I get an error stating that krb5-libs is missing. I thought I had this installed, but none the less, I went to the redhat website and downloaded the rpm's (1.2.5-6 and 1.2.7). They both stated that I already have 1.2.7 installed in my computer, yet the add/remove packages keeps saying that I dont have 1.2.5-6 and that its needed to install the development tools. Being that I'm completely new to linux, I dont know my way around this. Is the add/remove packages program looking for 1.2.5-6 specifically while I have 1.2.7 installed? Any ideas/suggestions?

> --- Michael Kuss <kuss@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>Ok, second try, I had to realize that I'm subscribed with a different name than the "reply to" generates:

>>On Tue, 24 Dec 2002, Tejas Gandhi wrote:

>>>this is the error I get just from the ./configure command so far
>>>[root@xxx root]# cd /usr/src/alsa
>>>[root@xxx alsa]# bunzip2 alsa-driver-*
>>>[root@xxx alsa]# tar -xf alsa-driver-*
>>>[root@xxx alsa]# cd alsa-driver-*
>>>[root@xxx alsa-driver-0.5.12a]# ./configure
>>>--with-cards=cs46xx --with-sequencer=yes
>>>creating cache ./config.cache
>>>checking for gcc... no
>>>checking for cc... no
>>>configure: error: no acceptable cc found in $PATH
>>this tells you that you have no compiler package installed. Install gcc! You may also have to install some library packages. Configure and/or make will tell you what is missing.



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