GDM Freezes Upon Start

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Hello all,

I started experiencing problems during the boot procedure on my Shrike.

At the moment when GDM starts, the NVIDIA driver loads successfully (its
splash screen shows) and then I get blank (black) screen with a mouse
cursor "X".

Sometimes I get a console message stating that the "X" server has been
already up on screen "0" (tty7), giving me the option to press "OK" to
try to start "X" server on screen "1" (tty8), or "CANCEL" to reload on
the current screen "0". Whatever I choose, it ends up with "X" freezing,
sometimes a driver for a graphic card loads in loop.

When I boot in init 3 and consequently order "startx" GNOME loads
without problems. Also KDM is working fine, so I guess that
XFree86.config and NVIDIA display driver are OK.

I haven't been able to find any useful info in logs (/var/log/messages,
XFree86 or gdm.log).

Any help on this subject will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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