Re: New users without home directories w/LDAP...

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>>>>> "PY" == Paul Yoshimune <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

PY> I'm trying to track down what process/script is actually doing the
PY> work here, so I can replicate the functionality on the other
PY> machines.  Ideas?

Perhaps it's pam_mkhomedir?  From /usr/share/doc/pam-*/html/pam.html:

6.15 Create home directories on initial login


   Module Name:
           Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
           Ben Collins <bcollins@xxxxxxxxxx>
 Overview of module
   Creates home directories on the fly for authenticated users.
  Session component
   Recognized arguments:
           debug; skel=skeleton-dir; umask=octal-umask;
           This module is useful for distributed systems where the
           user account is managed in a central database (such as NIS,
           NIS+, or LDAP) and accessed through miltiple systems. It
           frees the administrator from having to create a default
           home directory on each of the systems by creating it upon
           the first succesfully authenticated login of that user. The
           skeleton directory (usually /etc/skel/) is used to copy
           default files and also set's a umask for the creation.
           The behavior of this module can be modified with one of the following flags:
              * skel - The skeleton directory for default files to
                copy to the new home directory.
              * umask - An octal for of the same format as you would
                pass to the shells umask command.
   Examples/suggested usage:
           session required skel=/etc/skel/ umask=0022

 - J<

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