Re: Re (8th): DNS lookup failure on Linksys router

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>> but usually the server will give the same address to a particular
>Not necessarily true, but it can be setup to give the same IP to a certain
MAC address.

I know about setting up the DHCP config files for hard MAC-to-IP addressing,
but I still have seen very consistent addresses on completely dynamic
networks.  I think it's probably due to the algorithm used by the DHPC
server to pick the address in the first place, maybe a hash of some kind.

>>  BTW, if someone would like to volunteer how the Windows boxes
>> are getting the name info of the Linux box I would love to hear it
> I can tell you, but don't believe me because I am not in my right mind.
> If the linux machine is running samba and samba is setup for the same
>workgroup, netbios does this (when you start smb, it also starts nmbd).

I think that's a very good answer, Randy.  Netbios broadcasts names along
with other machine information.  I wish I'd have thought of that! :o)

Thanks and Merry Christmas,


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