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> I am new to linux and dual boot my hard disk between linux and windows 98.
> want
> to make my windows side of the hard disk have access to files on the
> linux side and have configured samba server on my shrike space, what do i
> do to the windows space to make my windows client to the linux files and
> programs.
> thanks


I reckon you might be stuck at this point because samba runs on the linux
bit when it's booted in linux and is running, but doesn't on the windows bit
when it's booted and running in windows. You can however copy files across
from one to the other. Linux does it with a change to the fstab and you can
see all your windows files. Going the other way is a tad trickier depending
on the file system you set linux up in. ex2fs lets you have a look from
windows and put stuff in your home directory.

Will give you a whole load more information.

Hope this helps


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