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Around Mon, Jun 28, 2004 at 11:40:03AM +0100,  nnameka david, wrote:
> I discovered during power on from the BIOS that my communicatiion device 
> for connecting to internet along with multimedia resources share irq11, 
> setserial didn't solve the problem in resolving the conflict i.e separating 
> both devices from sharing a single irq. how do  i do it because i want my 
> communcation device, the serial port on com1 to use irq11 while my 
> multimedia should use any other available interrrupt request. i believe 
> configuring the kernel itself would be helpful, so if it is, my kernel is 
> 2.4.20-8. by the way, the linux kernel configured the serial port to use 
> irq4 which i changed using setserial.
Why did you change from IRQ 4?  That's the standard IRQ for com1.  I'm
guessing you want to change from IRQ 11 because of a conflict?
*sometimes*, two devices *can* share the same IRQ.  Which multimedia
device?  I'm not sure where, but you should be able to set the IRQ via a
config file.

Roger Morris

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