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  The mutt man page says that it supports the -b, -c and -s flags.  It also
says that the REPLYTO environment variable can be used to specify the default
reply-to address.  This leads me to believe you could use mutt as a mailx
replacement in your scripts by setting the REPLYTO variable prior to each
invocation of mutt.


> We are moving a system from Solaris to RedHat 9.0.  I am working on
> converting perl scripts to work on RedHat 9.0.  Most of the scripts use
> the BSD mailx program to mail out notices with the "-r" flag which
> allows you to specify who the letter is from.  The /bin/mail program
> which comes with RedHat 9.0 does not have an option for this.  Does
> anyone know of a way to script mailing an e-mail specifying -r, who it
> is from, -s, the subject, -c copy to, and -b blind copy.  Or does anyone
> know of source for BSD mailx which will run on RedHat 9.0?
> Any help or leads to help will be appreciated. 
> Diane
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