Re: SegFault with -fstack-check

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Hi Sean,

> So it seems to be "distro" related....hmmm...

 Well, compiler version related (but afaik only Red Hat ships the gcc-2.96 
compiler). On my Red Hat 7.3 system the error also is reproducible. You should 
probably report a bug at .

 By the way, if you need stack protection you could build a gcc-2.95-3 with 
the IBM propolice patch (this is probably easier for RH 7.x releases than 
moving to gcc-3.2.2). I tried porting the propolice patch to RH's gcc-2.96 but 
failed until now. I did however create a propoliced gcc-2.95.3 rpm and am now 
in the process of rebuilding all packages for my firewall. If you are 
interested I could send you the spec file and the patch I created (essentially 
the patches available at , but 
with protector.c and protector.h added to the main patch file).

 If you are interested in even more overflow protection, I also derived a PaX 
patch for use with RH's kernel-2.4.20-18.7. You can find this patch at .


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