Re: SegFault with -fstack-check

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On 6 Jul 2003, Sean Bruno wrote:

> So it seems to be "distro" related....hmmm...
I don't have a RHL 8.0 or 9 system to test on. If you can take the time,
build gcc (the most likely candidate) from the tarball contained in the
src.rpm and see whether that has the problem. The spec file contains
machine-readable instructions for building it, and you need to replicate
them manually (or remove all RH patches).

Possibly better is getting the latest gcc 2.95 tarball from an official
site and building that using the RH model.

If you can't produce the problem with gcc built that way then you have a
good case it's a RH patch that has caused the problem.

Be aware that binaries build with such a g++ may not run on RHL without
some more work.

Easier to test (but less likely, IMV, to be the problem) is the kernel.
Build one from an offical tarball sans patches.

> Anyone from Red-Hat wanna' chime in on this one?

Please, reply only to the list.

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