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On Tue Jun 10 2003 at 08:17, "Steve Dixon" wrote:

> I have a quick question that I havent been able to figure out.  We are
> on a fiber connection to the internet which gives us about 3Mbps. We
> have a windows 2000 server that has been used as a gateway and is able
> to take full use of the bandwidth.  When I try to use a redhat 9 box
> with masquerading my bandwidth maxes out at about 1.5.  Is there a
> limitation or something that im seeing or some setting that can be
> changed?

I'm not aware of specifically what drivers you are using for your
fiber interface, but to help indentify what they could be, lsmod
will give you a list of the loaded driver modules.

Using "modinfo <module_name>" will give you the parameters (if any)
that can be given to the module with modprobe at load time to
fine-tune its behaviour (eg, with an "options" line in

However I often find that I need to go to the kernel's docs and/or
a module's source code to discover exactly what some of these
options actually do, and often you'll find more pointers there to
other useful docs.

To test any options added to modules.conf, simply bring down your
interface, make sure that the relevant driver modules are unloaded,
then bring the interface back up again (with the drivers reloaded
using the new options).  No need to reboot (but doing that is often
a good acid test for configuration stability through reboots).

Bandwidth usage itself can be highly tuned in the kernel with the
/sbin/tc (traffic control) command (which comes with /sbin/ip), but
one would normally expect that by default there would be full usage
of all available bandwidth on any particular interface (on a fifo
basis).  If you are interested in this sort of thing, see:

  Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO
  Bandwidth Limiting HOWTO
  CBQ-based Traffic Control GUI
  iproute2+tc notes
  The Linux traffic shaper ("modinfo shaper")

Hope this helps to point you in the right direction.

> Steve Dixon

BTW, I wonder how long it will be before many of us have fiber into
our houses... :)


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