Re: are any freely avaiable good IDES for Embedded Linux Development?

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On Sat, 29 Mar 2003, Hemanshu Kanji Bhadra, Noida wrote:

> Hi All,
> is anyone knows of freely available IDEs for Embedded Linux Development
> under redhat 7.3..?

A _lot_ of people swear by emacs. xemacs is a near cousin.

Both go far to help with the edit/build/debug cycle.

emacs does take some getting used to though.

There are also many who reckon VIM is the One True Editor.

Possibly kdevelop will suit you. I assume that some of its tools will be
wasted on you, but OTOH it is designed with a GUI so is easy to learn.

All of the above are on your RHL CD.

There is also Source Navigator which I think you can find some place
round the Red Hat or Cygnus websites, Failing those, some creative

It was part of a commercial suite, until RH purchased Cygnus. I suspect
Cygnus has other tools that may be of interest to you.

You didn't say what you're planning on imbedding into. Take a look at, there's a rough chance that will be useful to
you too.

Borland has commercial software development tools, and also
free-of-charge versions of some of it.

Please, reply only to the list.

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