Re: [reiser4 SFRN 5.1.3] kernel [5.10.x] read not supported for file /test-exec \(pid: 10094 comm: debootstrap\)

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On 8/14/21 4:00 AM, Edward Shishkin wrote:
On 08/13/2021 05:20 PM, Metztli Information Technology wrote:


Notwithstanding, I would appreciate if you can take a look at the
attached patch. Probably it can be streamlined and/or improved
   further to minimize pain on subsequent Linux kernel upgrades.

That patch is an attempt to swim against the current ;)

I no longer remember, why they want to get rid of set_fs for already
years, but ->read() and ->write() methods seem to be deprecated, and
correct way would be to implement the new ->read_iter() and
methods, where reiser4 works with "chunked" streams, represented by
iov_iter structure, rather than with "continuous" streams,
by char __user *buf. The task is not that difficult, but rather time
consuming - I don't have a time for this right now..

On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 10:45 AM Edward Shishkin
<edward.shishkin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
       So, I have implemented ->read_iter() for all plugins (*). It is
       to reiser4-for-5.12 stuff. Not sure if it is enough to make distro with        root over reiser4 though: ->write_iter() is not yet implemented (not so
       trivial because of transactions).


Now the new striped file plugin implements ->write_iter():

Wow! That must have been a lot of extra work on your part, Sir, Спасибо!

Debian Installer (d-i) makes use of BusyBox. Notwithstanding, for whatever reason, BusyBox barebones (link) mount utility failed with similar message -- even though I took care to build the latest from source:

< >

I had to hack a mount-udeb small package, wrapping mount and umount within:

< >

by utilizing debian packaging for previous version of util-linux
< >

and a more recent util linux source
< >

That solved the d-i 'mount -o bind' and/or 'mount --bind' issue on /dev resources (i.e., red underlined)

< >


I finally got around to creating an SFRN 5.1.3 -enabled Debian
Installer (d-i) for upcoming Debian 11 (codenamed Bullseye). Applied
your unstable reiser4 for 5.12 patch onto my debianized hack packaging
for Linux kernel 5.12.19 EOL.

I gave the d-i a spin in VirtualBox 6.1.26 and it choked on the
following code fragment:
setup_dev_linux () {
         # Ensure static device nodes created during install are
         # Tests in MAKEDEV require this is done in the D-I environment
         mkdir -p /dev/.static/dev
         chmod 700 /dev/.static/
         mount --bind /target/dev /dev/.static/dev
         # Mirror device nodes in D-I environment to target
         mount --bind /dev /target/dev/

mount --bind /target/dev /dev/.static/dev

See relevant code fragment next to VirtualBox VM, where I manually
entered the above directive:
< >

i.e., '--bind' is causing the SFRN5 -enabled installer to bail out
*only* for this reiser4 unstable SFRN 5.1.3 -patched kernel. On the
other hand, as reported previously, no such issue occurs with your
reiser4 stable SFRN 4.0.2 patch applied to the *same* debianized kernel
source tree, Ed.

I have checked - everything works for me (Linux-5.12).

# mount /dev/vdd1 /mnt/test
# volume.reiser4 /mnt/test

Logical Volume Info:
ID:             03ac5995-bf77-4851-a302-e875a6fd752f
volume:         0x1 (asym)
distribution:   0x1 (fsx32m)
stripe:         262144
segments:       1024
bricks total:   3
bricks in DSA:  3
slots:          3
map blocks:     2
balanced:       Yes
health:         OK

# mkdir bindmnt
# mount --bind /mnt/test bindmnt
# mount
/dev/vdd1 on /mnt/test type reiser4 (rw,relatime,atom_max_size=0x3d88e,atom_max_age=0x927c0,atom_min_size=0x100,atom_max_flushers=0x1,cbk_cache_slots=0x10) /dev/vdd1 on /root/bindmnt type reiser4 (rw,relatime,atom_max_size=0x3d88e,atom_max_age=0x927c0,atom_min_size=0x100,atom_max_flushers=0x1,cbk_cache_slots=0x10)


Your modified reiser4 SFRN 4.0.2 patch implementing '->read_iter() for all plugins (*)' successfully enabled Debian Installer netboot for bullseye to install upcoming Debian 11 Bullseye for AMD64 with hacked Linux kernel 5.12.19-2 EOL

< >

Analogously, your modified reiser4 SFRN 5.1.3 patch implementing '->read_iter() for all plugins (*)' and ' ->write_iter()' successfully enabled Debian Installer netboot for bullseye to install upcoming Debian 11 Bullseye for AMD64 with hacked Linux kernel 5.12.19-2 EOL

guided installation (which defaults to MSDOS partitioning) with sample from one of three options: /home and / root reiser4 but /boot JFS

< >

Or expert, which enables GPT partitioning; here is a / reiser4 and /boot JFS VirtualBox 6.1.26 VM JPG snapshot:

< >

and the PoC reiser4 SFRN 5.1.3 -enabled Debian Installer (d-i):

< >

< >

I have not tested the bricks feature for which you specifically created the SFRN 5.1.3 enhancement. Other Linux users are welcomed to test that feature and provide feedback to you, Sir. The entry into reiser4 is substantially lowered with a native reiser4 installer, which is what I have done with the above ISO images freely made available but with *NO IMPLICIT NOR EXPLICIT WARRANTIES*

Best Professional Regards.

P.S. Reiser4 quirk: If during expert installation of reiser4 -enhanced Debian /tmp is formatted in other than reiser4, after a reboot attempting a MySQL/MariaDB installation will fail. I experienced that in a remote bare metal server.

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