Re: [reiser4 SFRN 5.1.3] kernel [5.10.x] read not supported for file /test-exec \(pid: 10094 comm: debootstrap\)

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On 08/13/2021 05:20 PM, Metztli Information Technology wrote:


Notwithstanding, I would appreciate if you can take a look at the
attached patch. Probably it can be streamlined and/or improved
   further to minimize pain on subsequent Linux kernel upgrades.

That patch is an attempt to swim against the current ;)

I no longer remember, why they want to get rid of set_fs for already
years, but ->read() and ->write() methods seem to be deprecated, and
correct way would be to implement the new ->read_iter() and
methods, where reiser4 works with "chunked" streams, represented by
iov_iter structure, rather than with "continuous" streams,
by char __user *buf. The task is not that difficult, but rather time
consuming - I don't have a time for this right now..

On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 10:45 AM Edward Shishkin
<edward.shishkin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
       So, I have implemented ->read_iter() for all plugins (*). It is
       to reiser4-for-5.12 stuff. Not sure if it is enough to make distro with
       root over reiser4 though: ->write_iter() is not yet implemented (not so
       trivial because of transactions).
(*) Edward.


Now the new striped file plugin implements ->write_iter():


I finally got around to creating an SFRN 5.1.3 -enabled Debian
Installer (d-i) for upcoming Debian 11 (codenamed Bullseye). Applied
your unstable reiser4 for 5.12 patch onto my debianized hack packaging
for Linux kernel 5.12.19 EOL.

I gave the d-i a spin in VirtualBox 6.1.26 and it choked on the
following code fragment:
setup_dev_linux () {
         # Ensure static device nodes created during install are
         # Tests in MAKEDEV require this is done in the D-I environment
         mkdir -p /dev/.static/dev
         chmod 700 /dev/.static/
         mount --bind /target/dev /dev/.static/dev
         # Mirror device nodes in D-I environment to target
         mount --bind /dev /target/dev/

mount --bind /target/dev /dev/.static/dev

See relevant code fragment next to VirtualBox VM, where I manually
entered the above directive:
< >

i.e., '--bind' is causing the SFRN5 -enabled installer to bail out
*only* for this reiser4 unstable SFRN 5.1.3 -patched kernel. On the
other hand, as reported previously, no such issue occurs with your
reiser4 stable SFRN 4.0.2 patch applied to the *same* debianized kernel
source tree, Ed.

I have checked - everything works for me (Linux-5.12).

# mount /dev/vdd1 /mnt/test
# volume.reiser4 /mnt/test

Logical Volume Info:
ID:             03ac5995-bf77-4851-a302-e875a6fd752f
volume:         0x1 (asym)
distribution:   0x1 (fsx32m)
stripe:         262144
segments:       1024
bricks total:   3
bricks in DSA:  3
slots:          3
map blocks:     2
balanced:       Yes
health:         OK

# mkdir bindmnt
# mount --bind /mnt/test bindmnt
# mount
/dev/vdd1 on /mnt/test type reiser4 (rw,relatime,atom_max_size=0x3d88e,atom_max_age=0x927c0,atom_min_size=0x100,atom_max_flushers=0x1,cbk_cache_slots=0x10) /dev/vdd1 on /root/bindmnt type reiser4 (rw,relatime,atom_max_size=0x3d88e,atom_max_age=0x927c0,atom_min_size=0x100,atom_max_flushers=0x1,cbk_cache_slots=0x10)


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