Re: I see no way to report a bug on "How to report a bug" wiki page

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It's not your fault. There is really nothing there under "how to report a bug" about, you know, how to actually report a bug. Maybe this is one reason why pulseaudio has had so many "BLAST AT 100% FULL VOLUME THROUGH YOUR HEADPHONES" bugs.

On 11/03/2024 09:28, Martin Guy wrote:

  A pulseaudio bug has surfaced today - the server running out of file descriptors when playing short music tracks continuously for over a week - but on the "How to report a bug" wiki page

I see nothing saying how to report a bug, and the gitlab project does not seem to have an "Issues" section.

Now, I know I am old and going blind, but am I really not seeing something that should be obvious?



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