Re: Disable system wide mode

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On Tue, Sep 05, 2023 at 10:58:10AM -0400, dhtguru wrote:
> Hello,
> Somehow I accidentally enabled PA system wide mode.  I think it was by
> using 'pulseaudio -vvv'.
> My home assistant log is advising that it may be causing issues with my BT.
> How do I disable system wide mode?
> Thanks in advance.

Pulseaudio doesn't enable system-wide mode by itself. You (or some other
utility) would have to edit your global /etc/pulse/daemon.conf file and
change the "system-instance" setting to yes.

If all you did was manually run "pulseaudio -vvv", that should not have
changed any settings. Simply kill any running pulseaudio servers (e.g.
with a "sudo killall pulseaudio") and let the auto-spawn service
re-launch pulse. Or just reboot the computer.


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