[ANNOUNCE] WebRTC AudioProcessing v1.1

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Hi folks,
I'd like to announce the release of v1.1 of the webrtc-audio-processing library. This release has a number of build fixes, and is backwards-compatible with v1.0.

tarball: https://freedesktop.org/software/pulseaudio/webrtc-audio-processing/webrtc-audio-processing-1.1.tar.xz
sha256: 945a7c5d6c604091815b34884e1fd95796942f1f906e3474f7cc882b7a8fd124

There are a number of build fixes for various platforms -- thanks to all our contributors, including Nirbheek Chauhan who's helped unravel some of the abseil-cpp messiness and widen our CI coverage significantly!

Packagers should note that we have dropped detection of CMake and manual installations of the abseil-cpp dependency -- pkg-config files are used to detect the system version, else the subproject is used for the build. This should simplify things for everyone, but feedback is welcome.


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